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In this course you will learn about the job search process and learn how to identify the interview process in order to follow the proper steps to succeed before, during, and after an interview. We will review the job interview tools that you will need to use throughout the entire interview process.

Next, we will discuss the pre-interview investigation on what you need to know about the company, position, and salary before you go into your interview. We will then review how to prepare for the interview in order to be able to effectively answer any type of interview question. After which, we will review how to discuss difficult situations such as how you handle conflict, discussing your weakness, and how to discuss if you have been fired.

We will then review the different types of interviews and variety of types of interview questions and how to effectively answer and ask questions during the interview. Subsequently we will review the proper interview techniques of what to remember and what to avoid. Finally, we will wrap up with how to “close the sale” and what follow-up is necessary after the interview.
Job Interview Success
Course Outline Course Objectives

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Job Interview Tools

Chapter 3: Pre-Interview Investigation

Chapter 4: Preparing for the Presentation

Chapter 5: Discussing Difficult Situations

Chapter 6: Types of Interviews

Chapter 7: Types of Questions

Chapter 8: Interview Questions

Chapter 9: Proper Interview Techniques

Chapter 10: Closing the Sale

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