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We offer a variety of interactive training workshops to assist you in your career search. Courses include Discover Your Skills, Resume Building and Job Interview Success. Business is continually changing. Does your resume fit what the industry is looking for?  Do your skills need some fine tuning for today's workforce? Are you able to confidently answer any interview question? It is important that you evaluate what skills you have acquired, understand how those skills can benefit another organization and assess what skills you may lack in order to attain them.

Our training provides hands on experience to ensure you are confident in the new skills you are learning.Instructors are experienced, professional Recruiters and Managers who have interviewed numerous candidates and recognize what employers today are looking for.
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At Appreciating U, we offer interactive training workshops so that you can attain the skills you need through practice!

Career Development
Resume Building

The average person has over 500 skills and may not even be aware of it! Come discover your hidden talents, so that you can effectively sell yourself both on paper and in person.  This course is designed to prepare you for writing a resume and interviewing for a job by exploring the skills you have.

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Whether you haven’t even begun a resume or if you need a professional to review what you have, we can help! Create a resume  that avoids resume  taboos and includes the pertinent information that causes employers to want to contact you for a job interview.
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Become prepared before, during, and after the interview process through our Job Interview training course. Learn about behavioral event interviewing and confidently answer any question that you are asked. Recognize what questions to ask the interviewer and the proper follow-up after the interview.

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Discover Your Skills Resume Building Resume Building

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